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New Theme!

We have a stunning new theme by Samantha.. again! She also designed our 4th theme back in May! This is the first manipulation theme All Selena has had and I am just in love with it! We thought that it’s been months past our 1 year anniversary and as much as I adored our previous theme, I thought it was time for a new one and especially since her glamorous new Glamour photoshoot was released! This is definitely one of her best shoots and I’m glad it’s featured on the site. The new theme brings a dark, mansion look and I love it a lot. There are also a few rollovers on the header. The navigation, if you rollover the lamp on the table, it will light up and if you rollover the mirror, you’ll see Selena’s reflection! I hope you guys love the theme just as much as I do and keep visiting back for daily news + photos!

-All-Selena.com & Staff <3

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Date: Nov 27 2012 - 5:06 pm
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